Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stay Up and Keep Wielding

Morley gets capped over with some graffiti from Eench.

Morley's original piece said 'Wield Those Weary Bones'.  Eench changed it to say 'Wield those weak quotes'.

Don't dig it.

Morley is doing his own thing and forging a path with his own brand of street art.  What he is doing has not been done before and there will be some bumps in the road.  Not everyone will appreciate any form of genius, but these are not quotes, Morley's street pieces are original street poems.

Stay Up! and Keep Wielding ~


  1. this turned a boring piece into an interesting piece. Morley's work is always begging for a reply.

    Someone added "You have dumb friends" to his "They're almost always wrong" piece on Melrose a few weeks ago.

  2. how is this any different to what chod did to annie?

  3. This is awesome, I also find Morley shallow and pedantic.

  4. Not surprised these are all anonymous.