Thursday, February 28, 2013

One of These People is Not Like the Others

Like the old Sesame Street song goes, 'One of These People is Not Like the Others'. Cant you spot the icon who had their throat slashed and upside down cross added?

This pic is of the Mr. Brainwash art installation at the Seth McFarlane Oscars after party.

Andre the Giant has had his neck slashed and some unholy markings added to his body.

Thanks to Muzzle Flash for the exclusive pictures, and Muzzle says that he thinks this vandalism is likely aimed at Shepard Fairey/MBW and might be the work of "Cuttahotha, I recognized the inverted cross and black/pink combo.. he goes old school vandal style, normally targets institutions of consumption.. "

Dig it.  Street art is crashing the Hollywood party scene~

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