Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Banksy's Garden Girl Isn't Going Anywhere

Many times, like the recent situation in the UK, Banksy's street art pieces get cut out of the wall and removed from the building they were placed on.  This is because the price of an authentic Banksy can sometimes be worth more than the building itself.

Well, Banksy's Garden Girl on Beverly isn't going anywhere.  It is a tremendous piece, well over 10 feet tall.  Furthermore, the wall that it is placed on is cracked and broken.  Even if someone wanted to, this art could not be captured in one piece.

As the picture below shows, there is even a half an inch difference between the different areas of the wall.  It looks as though this wall has been in this condition since before Banksy painted it, and his smooth use of the uneven surface is quite impressive.

Banksy's Garden Girl isn't going anywhere~