Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Plastic Jesus Gets Up in London

Plastic Jesus has made a name on the streets of LA with clever art pieces aimed at contemporary events.   And Plastic Jesus just went international with a brand new piece in London.

This piece comes with a full background description and write up.  Check it out below, and click the jump for more pics and context

Horse meat  inspired street art hits North London

The graffiti inspired by the elusive artist Banksy has appeared on a North London street, showing a thoroughbred racehorse with the Tesco Value logo on it's Blanket.
The Supermarket has been rocked by revelations that many of it's products labeled as beef were actually Horse meat.

The one meter high mural popped up overnight on Castlehaven Road in Camden, North London it believed to be work of Los Angeles graffiti artist 'Plastic Jesus" who last month was responsible for a piece showing disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong  racing whilst connected to an IV drip.

***Thanks to Nick for the pics***


  1. everyone thinks he's banksy, cool!

  2. Nobody fucks with the Jesus!

    Mohamed S

  3. Hang on, if he's an LA street artist doesn't going to London make him a sell out?

    1. Going to london makes him an international street artist who began in Los angles. Sellout? What a bizarre accusation.

  4. Well Banksy seemed to like Plastic Jesus when he pretty much copied his work 'Graffiti is a Crime' in NYC 'Better out than in' http://www.waltonfinearts.com/plastic-jesus-banksy-graffiti-is-a-crime/