Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ride This City Like a Wave

Surfing is exciting because you are dancing with an ever-changing environment, and through the process riding a wave can make something beautiful out of something that just was.

In the same way, street art is like surfing.  You never know what is going to happen, and if you catch the right moment, your ride will pack a thrill that makes life better.

Well, M&F had a thrill when we discovered this brand new surfing mural yesterday.  We thought that this find was particularly awesome because it is dated Feb. 18th, and the currents of the city brought us to this spot by chance a day later on Feb 19th.

Its like it was meant to be.  The energy of the city brought us here.  And we weren't even driving at the time.  We had to move the car for weekly street sweeping, so we just parked off Melrose and walked the neighborhoods to Beverly to give Shasta some new sniffing, and we chanced upon this.

Dig it.  From artist Jazz.  Love the motion of the paint like water.

Stay up, and keep riding this city like a wave!~

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