Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yes to the Street Art Show, No to the Street Art

Ramiro Gomez Jr. just opened up his solo art exhibition at the UCLA Chicano Studies Center.

Even through the Chicano Center was thrilled to host Ramiro's art show, the powers that be at the University refused to allow Ramiro to install any of hand painted life size cut outs showcasing menial laborers.  Even though Ramiro's cut outs are nothing more than hand painted cardboard, apparently the University was concerned about liability issues should these art pieces somehow injure anybody.  (rolls eyes . . . )

Undeterred, Ramiro did manage to put up an installation without permission for a short while.   The piece features a worker from UCLA's 'Facilities Management' department.  Ramiro says that his mother also works as a janitor in the San Bernardino Valley, so this piece is especially important to him.

Interesting story, and how once again the gallery's want to invite art from the streets inside, but they aren't really ready to accomodate actual street art.

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