Friday, February 22, 2013

Did Banksy Get Busted?!

Earlier today, a news story got picked up on major sites saying that Banksy has been arrested on vandalism charges, and that his identity has been revealed.

So did Banksy get busted?!

No.  The updates to the story above develop to say that the major news sites had been trolled.  Banksy has not been arrested, and the initial report is not true.


  1. He must be with "EL CHAPO GUZMAN"!!

  2. I never really gave it much thought, that is, how I would feel if banksy ever got publicly busted. I've thought and wondered before about his identity, can even admit to a few google searches...but when I saw this article something panicked inside me. Leaving me to one conclusion about my feelings...I never want to know! I love banksy. I love most street art. Nomatter how uncool it is to say banksy is my favorite, he definitely is one of them and his anonymity is part of the overall charm. So just my opinion, but thank god he remains elusive and anonymous. He wants it to stay that way and so do I.

    The overall prank itself was pretty damn good. And funny.

    1. ^Great points! I agree and don't want to find out who Banksy is