Sunday, February 24, 2013

And The Academy Award Goes To . . .

Ramiro Gomez Jr. handed out his own Academy Awards this year, and some might argue to folks who are more deserving.  Ramiro's award goes not to the ones on the big screen, but the ones behind the camera who truly make all the magic happen.

Ramiro says that:

The actors and actresses nominated for the awards will probably not thank their gardeners, housekeepers, or nannies in their acceptance speech, but here I am trying to interrupt the luxurious sunset blvd. route to Hollywood to nominate people who will never get an award.

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  1. why would a nanny get an award from the film making industry? Why would an actress thank their gardener for winning an Oscar? Of all the people that work on set, in front of and behind the camera, how is their roll significant in this award show?!?!? Seems like a stretch to me, unless you're just plain saying a mexican housekeeper will never win an Oscar, then of course they won't– they're not even eligible! But how about that Danny Trejo?!?! He's the man!

    1. I concur. Why on earth would someone thank their housekeeper at the academy awards. It doesn't make any sense.
      I like the piece and the medium for street art, just not a fan of the concept.