Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Ways to #FreeRevok-UPDATE

In addition to the Revok print by Askew, there is another way to help support Revok by raising money for his legal defense fund by getting one of these Free Revok t-shirts from the Seventh Letter.

We also heard there is a photo of Revok to raise funds, but we don't have any info on that.

Also, check out this break down by Logan Hicks of how obscenely high Revok's bail was set.

***UPDATE: Our understanding is that 100% of proceeds from each of these fundraisers goes to support Revok's legal defense fund. Which is important for the reasons listed below in the comments.***


  1. I don't understand how this will get revok out of jail

  2. he probably wont get out of jail for these 180 days but he has pending cases that are completely separate from this parole violation/restitution thing -and those cases kind of require a real lawyer who costs lots of MONEY-get it now? Any help in that area is what the TSHIRT and art prints are trying to achieve. The powers that be are trying to cripple him monetarily so that he wont be able to defend himself whatsoever. So Im not sure what you dont understand about that. And the whole "FREE REVOK" phrase is symbolic and has been used repeatedly with other names throughout history to protest arrests in the grafitti culture. Its not always so LITERAL in its form. Standard stuff man. What are you?=NEW?

  3. so why didnt this shirt pop up before he went to jail if it had nothing to do with his current arrest?

  4. what percentage of the funds are actually going to revok/his legal battles. it should really say something along the lines of "100% proceeds go to blah blah"

  5. I would feel like some kind of dorky bandwagoner if I wore one of these. Id rather just give the fundraiser cash

  6. WoW, how retarded are people that view this blog??? I don't even know who revok is and I still understand and support. It's a fundraiser to help someone in a tough spot who has dedicated his life to hitting up some tough spots. So if you like graf/street art (presumably the reason your viewing this site) it's about supporting an artist of the outdoor museum! So stop asking retarded questions like "how do I know 100% is going to his defense?" or this dumb ass ^^ "I dunno about actually wearing the shirt, I would feel so....." by the way you moron, only a dumbass dorky bandwagoner worries about being labeled as yea, go ahead and wear that shirt.

    Good fortune to Revok and the many others risking it all for the sake of art!