Monday, April 25, 2011

Banksy Is Back At It! - Graffiti is Illegal!

Banksy is on the streets again!

New work from the elusive artist, and this looks like the first legitimate Banksy piece to hit the streets since the Oscars.

Athough it has not been verified on his website yet, this appears to be Banksy's first piece of street art since his run through LA during the Oscars.

This new piece has showed up in Fitzrovia in Britain, and features a rat writing on the wall 'If Graffiti Changed Anything- It Would Be Illegal'.

Its a brilliant piece calling to attention the significant role that graffiti has played in recent social-political revolutions around the world. And the idea is packaged in Banksy's trademark wit.

But perhaps the biggest 'tell' that this is indeed a Banksy is the way that it is done. It is extremely refined for a stencil with perfect lines and no overspray. And even the little things, like the red hand print, and executed perfectly. This is not a piece done by amateurs.

Awesome stuff. And exciting to see Banksy in the streets again. We were briefly fooled once before, but in our humble opinion, this piece looks to be the real deal.

Stay tuned to M&F to keep posted on any revelations and or updates.

***Sourced from Fitzrovia News. Big thanks to Aaron for sending in the tip. Great eye~***


  1. So sick...wish it was in LA, but not

  2. Fitzrovia in Britain, is far from melrose and fairfax

  3. “If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal.” —Emma Goldman

  4. Great piece
    Love that Emma quote

  5. thats not Banksy people