Friday, April 29, 2011

Sand One- Bow Tie's Art Show

We have loved seeing Sand One's hot graffiti girls, or Sand Chikz, around the streets of Los Angeles. Not only does Sand One paint pretty girls, she is a pretty girl. And she is having her first solo art show this weekend focusing on themes of female empowerment. The show is entitled 'Bow Tie's' and features women wearing bow ties and representing what are considered traditional male ideals.

It is very impressive how Sand One is making a strong message on gender roles in her art. We love seeing artistic representations of strong empowered women, especially when it is done by a strong empowered woman, and this sounds like a great show.

Details and information can be found in the press release below.

Stay up~

A week-long art exhibit showcasing the new works on mixed media surfaces by LA’s youngest female street artist: Sand One.
Los Angeles— From corn carts and taco stands in Los Angeles to the Art Basel walls in Miami, this pint-sized artist continues to leave a larger than life mark in every town she visits. In only two years Sand’s signature mob of buxom female cartoon characters, known as “Sand Chikz,” have taken the art community by storm.
Sand’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, “Bow Ties”, will feature her signature ultra-feminine and hood “Sand Chikz” in a different light. Each Sand Chik will be dressed in a tuxedo, symbolizing class, authority and power; three characteristics people often associate with masculinity and wealth. In “Bow Ties” Sand One’s underlying theme seeks to liberate gender-biased characteristics often imposed on women while also questioning the relationship between street art, fine art and the arts institution.

WHERE: Casa De La Cultura Galleria 1711 Mariachi Plaza De Los Angeles,L.A,Ca. 90033 Corner of Boyle and 1st, Boyle Heights

Opening Reception Friday April 29, 6-11 pm

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