Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Fart Is A Refugee

Morley keeps putting up clever text driven street art, which is great, and people keep modifying the pieces, with some better than others.

This one made us laugh out loud as we picture someone farting in a library, and people walking by to find a place to read. But every time someone comes to sit by that person, they walk away because of the fart. The Refuge~ Lol.

***Thanks to Zack for sending in the pics of the adjustment.***


  1. I had a dream last week
    that morley got rid of the scenester guy
    and just started doing quotes and then everyone loved him and he blew it.
    Crazy ass dreams

  2. that guy is morley...I love appropriations of clever's like a win win

  3. Morley is so not clever
    but this takeover is