Saturday, April 30, 2011

Get Up, Stay Up-I Am Street Art

Awesome sticker combo. And a tag from 04!?

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The head sticker in the middle that is rolled up on the bottom says 'I am street art'.

Part of an amazing sticker combo. Slaps from Josh SB, Robots Will Kill, UWP, Jazer, Bankrupt Slut, Ballerina Black, Alone(?), Sparf(?), JAFK, and many more.

And is that a tag from 04 to the left!? Long time ridin~

On Sunset.


  1. yeah good lookin combo, also the artist sparf u had on there is accualy snarf1. so yea good lookin stickers on this one!

  2. theres also wosre, nose, noke, swar and BWR in there too