Friday, April 29, 2011

Alec Monopoly Gets Up! Action Shots~

Exclusive action shots of Alec Monopoly getting up on this rooftop spot.

Alec Monopoly gets up as high as it gets. Alec really understands the idea that street art is about the interaction of the art with the city in the urban environment, which is why he is always trying to hit the highest, hottest spots.

We were lucky enough to snap some action shots of Alec getting up on this rooftop spot. Its a really beautiful thing watching someone who is really good at what they do. Its why we pay money to watch professional athletes and ballets. And to get the chance to watch Alec in action was truly a thing of beauty, indeed.

This piece features a hand painted, hand cut, then wheat pasted head, and the body that was hand painted on the street.

Stay up~