Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Banksy in Los Angeles!?

Just two days after a new Banksy piece was spotted in London, a similar rat shows up in Los Angeles. Another Banksy in LA!?

This new stencil features a rat pouring out a barrel of green sludge.

This new piece is located in Los Angeles and the thing that makes us think that this might be Banksy is the attention to detail. Like with the new piece in London, this one is very well done, with the green spilling perfectly from the bucket to the ground and soft lines in the stencil.

On the other hand, the stencil is placed on some sort of wood backing, which almost seems too easy for Banksy, and too likely to be stolen. His pieces have impeccable placement, and the peeling cement wall in London seems like a much more likely spot. But the LA rat was placed outside of a production studio, so maybe that has something to do with the location.

Neither piece has yet been confirmed on Banksy's website, so either we have the first jump, or someone is doing some really good Banksy rat imitations.

Banksy usually hits the streets in spurts, and although it seems unusual that two separate pieces show up half way around the world, Banksy might be keeping us all guessing about what coming next!

***Pic found on StephanLeeCarr's Yfrog account. Good eye, Stephan!***


  1. It is def not a real Banksy!!! Those stencils are bought off websites. My friends have bought those for $10 and put them around their apartments.

    Also, Banksy wouldn't do his old rat stencil, from years and years ago. And he is def not in LA.

    Sorry to burst everyones bubble!

    If you want to get they stencils for yourself here is the website:

  2. It looks really good, but does Banksy usually recycle his work? 'Cos he did this in London years ago... that makes me suspect that it may be a copycat. But it does look very well-done!

  3. This piece is in west la on centinela. It's in front of a design company and the guy that works there did it. It's been there for a long time.

  4. Hmm, that's just down the street from me. I should look for it anyway.

  5. I also spotted the yellow Banksy street sign with the family running/crossing in Echo Park on Sunset earlier. I don't recall it being there before ...but there it was. I doubt it was a Banksy though because so many people were copying it 2 months ago. I have a picture. I should probably send it in LOL

  6. Just saw the same this weekend at Cal Poly in SLO. See it here:

  7. Banksy does recycle his work. All the time. He might use it in a different way, but same stencil/character.
    This is obviously NOT a Bansy. Anyone can see that. Its sloppy, no attention to detail, and the stencil used are the ones that are sold as "Banksy-Style". This is not evne close to being a Banksy.

  8. here's the location.,-95.677068&sspn=41.767874,64.863281&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Los+Angeles,+California+90025&ll=34.032585,-118.460673&spn=0.002676,0.003959&z=18&layer=c&cbll=34.032657,-118.460752&panoid=nZKX9EAPoWt3nJjxfjnuCA&cbp=12,202.1,,0,0.6

  9. In Santa Monica on Centinela. The receptionist that works outside of the design studio its on it hot...