Monday, April 25, 2011

Banksy Hates Mondays

Don't we all.

But this piece is clearly a commentary on modern culture's obsession with the trivial. Banksy uses a modern annoyance that everyone can relate to and contrasts it with how some people around the world are struggling for survival.

Powerful piece that really leaves the viewer almost feeling guilty after engaging with it.

And the fact that the message is on a novelty shirt in the Third World is also humorous and gives the piece more credence, as some really ironic t-shirts end up there--like t-shirts touting the wrong team to win a Super Bowl, or the World Series.

And this appears to be a painting from Banksy, and not a stencil or paste.


  1. hey

    there's also the added nuance of the fact that 'I don't like Mondays' is a song by The Boomtown Rats/Bob Geldof and all the credit that Geldof seems to suck in as a 'savior' of poverty in Africa, when all he really did was organise a couple of massive concerts and that's pretty much it. Very little of the monies generated by those events, ended up in the hands of those that most needed it. It's as if Banksy is saying that Geldof did more to self promote than he did to fight hunger.

  2. so much spaced out banksy content ;-)

    New Banksy???

  3. The song is a true story about a girl who opened fire on a San Diego elementary school playground. She killed 2 adults and injured quite a few children. When asked, she said it was because she didn't like Mondays.

    IMHO, this piece reiterates the fact that it's always the children that suffer most for the cause, no matter how stupid.