Monday, April 25, 2011

Pics from The Dirt Parking Lot (1/3)

This spot just sprung up a couple of months ago, but has been slammed with graffiti and street art. Members of the street art community have dubbed it 'The Dirt Parking Lot', and be sure to click the jump to see more.

Whole lotta new stuff springing up. Nearly every picture has a new piece or pieces.

^Street art from low_d, Riot Dog, TSF, Exist, All the Girls Love Earl

^New stuff from Baz, Pab, Agent, and ?

^Street art and tags from Blinky, Supreme, Lyse, and more

^Bran One TRB and Lyse going over Supreme's Lady Gaga. Also up with low_d and Tiger Blood.

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  1. Street art and graffiti in one place, sweet!!!!