Thursday, April 28, 2011

Army of One Arrested for Street Art

Army of One was arrested for putting up street art in New York.

Lohud is reporting that jc2 from Army of One got arrested and charged with putting up graffiti, and criminal possession of a weapon (for the knife he carries as a NYFD Firefighter).

People often think that it is young kids and vandals who do street art but the truth is that most of the artists are contributing members of society and put art on the streets to make the world a better place, or in jc2's case, to spread a message. The Lohud is a great article detailing how everyone says that Jef is a stand up person and spends his off time volunteering for a children's charity. "He is one of my best guys," says the Yonkers Fire Commissioner.

jc2 has been bold with his street campaign to end war and bring awareness to the plight of children. Its tragic to hear that he got nabbed for spreading the message, but hopefully the arrest will bring more light to his cause.

Its sad to see jc2 get arrested as he is a great friend of the blog and a beautiful person. According to G gives a great write up of the situation and jc2 as a hero on his website. G says, 'You can arrest Army of One, but you cannot stop the revolution.'

Stay up~

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  1. Damn. Damn. Damn. Truly a soldier. NY FIRE FIGHTER/Pimp Daddy street artist. Wonderful person indeed. I hope this does open up the eyes of the NYPD a bit.