Monday, April 25, 2011

World Premier Exclusive- Action Shots of Alec Monopoly's Robert Dinero

MELROSEandFAIRFAX has the exclusive drop on some action shots of the world premier of Alec Monopoly's Robert Dinero wheat paste.

We had the amazing opportunity to accompany Alec Monopoly and snap some action shots as he installed his first ever Robert Dinero wheat paste. Alec's Dinero has hit the streets in sticker form before, but this is the first paste, and in true Alec Monopoly form, he goes BIG with this 12 foot rooftop monster.

It was a real honor watching Alec in action. "Warrior" and "ninja" were the words that kept popping into our mind. He attacked the wall like he was in battle, and the stealth way that did so was a thing of beauty to watch. We especially love the pictures that are blurry because it preserves the mystery of the artist.

Alec wanted to make clear that he has no beef with anyone, and doesn't mean to cap people, but this wall was just a big jumble of a mess, and even though he had to go over some people, Alec followed the graffiti tenant in that he went bigger and better than what was there before.

Alec Monopoly has long been on top of LA's street art game, and he is quickly rising to be one of the top street art names in the world. And even though his career has taken off, his hunger for the game is pure, and it is really cool how Alec is keeping it true to the streets and still getting up and getting up big. Stay up~


  1. theres no way that thing is 12 feet. it looks like 8

  2. The roof is 12 feet off the ground i think he means!! But this still isn't all that "WOW"!!

  3. What's the big Muslim looking face to the left? Sorry, but that's the best piece up there and it deserves a little attention..... Any more pics.

  4. DD$ did not write that comment for the record. But did paint the Muslim.
    Nice work ALEC!


  5. was hard to see what was going on in that mess
    thank god for Alec