Thursday, April 28, 2011

Toxic Rats Not Banksy

Cal Poly - Banksy-esque?

The questionable Banksy we posted yesterday is a very well done stencil that uses a Banksy image, but it is not done by Banksy.

M&F contributing photographer B. Land tracked down the little rat. It was at a design firm in Santa Monica, and the head of the firm told B. Land that he did the rat himself.

And, it seems that this is not the only one. We received this picture (posted above) from J of a similar looking rat with almost identical green sludge coming out of the barrel.

***Big thanks to J for sending in the info and this picture.***


  1. No, they did not do this rat. The person who did this rat is a huge banksy fan, and did stencils for a year at Cal Poly until a close call with campus P.D. he stopped for fear of getting kicked out before graduating.

  2. Banksy is the bomb