Monday, April 25, 2011

Hooked Up - Snyder

Snyder hooked us up with an amazing canvas. It is based on his 'Shootin Blanks' piece where there previously existed a whole in a wall with a basketball hoop behind it. Snyder went and stenciled a little boy onto the wall, so that it looked like the boy was shootin hoops with the hole in the wall. Great use of the environment, and an absolutely brilliant piece.

We have mentioned to Snyder before how much we like the outdoor piece of his, and somehow he must have known it was our favorite. Absolutely love this canvas rendition. It also features newspaper backing and Snyder's trademark drip aesthetic. He also stenciled the package that it came in, which looks cool on its own.

The piece combines combines two of our favorite things, sports and art. And if you want to follow more of what Snyder is up to make sure to check out his Facebook and his website.

Thanks for the hook up Snyder!

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