Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cheating and Winning!

Dface's 'Cheat Death' has found a new home.

There wasn't any cheating involved other than the headstone.

And after the Dface Tombstone on Hollywood Blvd next to Charlie Sheen's star on the Walk of Stars fell over, we got an email from Ziggy asking if maybe he should take it?

Since it had already been knocked over and the Hollywood Clean Team rolls through the area every morning to clean everything, it was unlikely that it would last past morning, and we told Ziggy that it would be an awesome thing to have and go for it!

So Ziggy scored the tombstone--all 400-500 pounds of it. Literally. You can see how massive the piece is next to the doorway in the picture, and as it is straight cement, it is quite heavy.

Congrats to Ziggy on getting an original piece of Dface street art. Winning!