Friday, April 15, 2011

The Race To Claim The Box Out Front

There is a race to claim the electric box out front of MOCA.

Dissizit was clearly the latest to roll through with stickers and pastes going over Obey, K74 and ? artist.

Even though the capped the current art on the box, not sure what the history is. There is a corner of a piece on the side with the girl where it looks like one of the Dissizit's LA hands has been ripped down previously. This spot will probably change a lot over the next few months.

Its worth mentioning that we ove how the stickers still seem to purposefully leave the good parts on the girls~

And thre is also a hand written sticker from unknown artist that says 'Hi Shepard and Amanda Fairey.


  1. The bottom artist with the Bob's Big Boy head is SHT! from Charleston South Carolina.

  2. the big boi head is SHT! artist from Charleston SC

  3. DISSIZIT crew always reps hard!!!

  4. I thought it was a bob's big boy ad.

  5. SHT! reppin in LA!