Friday, April 8, 2011

UPDATE: Pictures of the Unbuffed Buff

Eh, it worked a little better than we thought, but it is nowhere near what it was. The wall will never be what it once was.

The buff paint did come off, but it has left a remaining tan tint on the once white wall.

Its surprising how well the one layer of paint was removed without taking out the underlying art--on most of the wall. At the top left you can see how the wall is stripped well under Retna's lettering.

The wall will never be what it once was.

But the Graffiti Control Systems seems to be making one problem after another. They are powerwashing the stuff off the wall, all the paint and all the chemicals used to remove it, and then washing this toxic sludge down the drain. This is awful for the environment (all the drains have 'Drains Straight To Ocean' signs next to them), and there have got to be all kinds of city ordinances against this. We get the feeling that the legal troubles are not over for this company by any stretch.

And wonder if the wall will remain like this? or if it will get repainted?


  1. super gross. no surfing tomorrow.

  2. at least there is a bit of justice

  3. Im pretty sure thats illegal for them to have the paint go down the drain i mean in this article they say it will cost more to remove because they have to be careful not to have any leaking into the water

  4. Wait. Are we talking about the safety of removing aerosol spray paint? The very paint that upon being sprayed from the rattle-can helps to deplete our ozone layer? And where do these street artists thrown their empty cans? Please don't preach about someone else's sins. It is quite hypocritical.

  5. @ Wayne

    Ozone depleting CFC propellants that used to be in aerosol spray paint cans were banned from use in US more than 30 years ago.