Friday, March 25, 2011

Alec Monopoly In Miami

Los Angeles street artist Alec Monopoly brings LA's rock n' roll attitude to Miami. Click the jump for more M&F exclusive pics of Alec in action in Miami

Alec looks like a straight rock star in these photos, and truly, he has almost been on tour like one.

Alec honed his skills on the streets, and rooftops of Los Angeles, and now his street art can be found in most every city in the US.

But Alec was not just in Miami to do some smashing, he just launched a new solo show at the Avant Gallery in Miami's Arts District.

Miami has one of the hottest fine art scenes anywhere in the world, and it is awesome to see LA's own Alec getting some love, and spreading the rock n' roll aesthetic that is LA's street art around the world.


  1. That Monopoly Man outside is BEAST.

  2. surprised that parker brothers dont sue him/them for trademark infringement. especially since they more then likely make a profit on art sales?

  3. i kissed a guy once.

  4. I like the last statement. So random.

  5. Cool show! Amazing use of colours on his latest pieces. I only recently discovered him at Graffik London, I'm a big fan.