Friday, March 25, 2011

JR Continues To Change The World

JR continues with his world wide art project as he brings 'Inside Out' to Tunisia.

He was shut down in the first two cities, but the cause pressed onward, and the art still went up, and made a bold political statement.

In Tunisia, JR was shut down in the first two spots he tried to put up art. But he kept on with the project, and ended up placing much of the art in key spots where the images of the people went up in the same location where huge murals of Tunisia's ruler used to be.

As always, JR's portraits feature the local residents, so this art was essentially claiming the area back for the people.

Very bold and powerful statement, and truly, JR's art continues to literally change the world. You can find more info HERE

Stay up~

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  1. I love his work, proud to be french when i see that