Sunday, March 27, 2011

Daily Barracuda Update

There really does need to be a daily update to the changes in the art in this parking lot. There is always stuff happening, and the new changes include the drama of stuff being ripped down, and new art from 2wenty, Subtle, Morley and more.

Love it or hate it, this place gets slammed.

And while the placement is definitely not structured, we are diggin the way that this is coming together, and think it would be really cool to get a Melrose alternative to the downtown traction wall.

Click below to see what's happening with the new action.

^New art on the bottom left with the 'D' and girls screaming (also pictured below). And, a bunch of pieces got ripped. You can see the head (think its from Push), BC and Cibass all got torn.

^Screaming girls with a button that we think says 'I love Subtle'.

^New stuff from 2wenty up top, joining Push, Zombie, Cyrcle, KilleD and more.

^New piece from Morley saying, 'In heaven, we all get a soundtrack'.


  1. Go take a look at it now


  2. i saw it this morning and it wasn't exactly painted over or buffed but all the pieces were sort of painted over with 1 layer of light paint. sucks.

  3. All has been painted over except the Beth work