Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not Just A Waitress

New stuff from Morley.

This piece says, 'I promise you're not just a waitress'.

Very well done~

Also dig the character up top. For those who want to see it in person, this is located at Hollywood and St. Andrews.


  1. some of these are kinda coo
    but most of these are very mundane

    A for effort though

  2. i agree with the first post, I dont know if hes trying to be cute or something but it looks cool ;)

  3. ohhh wow I just got 3 Morley's
    for 99 cents at Halmark

  4. James is so proud of his "99 cents" joke, he reposted it on the Dirt Floor's website too. We're all happy for you too big guy. Snideness is always better when it's doubled.

  5. I get to feeling so strangled by the 'James's of the world and his 99 cent humor, I despair. Just create, don't drag others down with your superior attitude. These posts should be about good energy, not pretentious comments.

  6. Morley's work is far beyond cool. It is refreshing to see signage, graffiti, and public art that actually has soul. Don't stop here Morley!