Friday, March 25, 2011

Serf TCF

New piece from Serf TCF.

Cool stuff, and especially dig the drip.

And if you notice, there may or may not be an action shot of someone putting up a sticker in the background.


  1. WTF am I doing in that pic??? LOL!

  2. Theres already a very famous artist "SERF" and a famous crew "TCF" (The Crazy Five)

    Cool poster but maybe do some research....

  3. this Serf started in 1984 in LA and the crew TCF(The Chosen Few) originated in that same time period in Los Angeles. A few of the og crew are now in MSK and The Seventh Letter as a matter of fact.(WISE KRUSH LOOK to name a few). You may be referring to the bomber from NYC that started somewhere in the mid nineties doing bubble throwies and was featured in a few books. As well as the fact that multple people write the same names worldwide--maybe do YOUR research..never heard of the crazy five--circa what year and what city?

  4. is he talkin about TC-5? Thats very different than TCF. The five was always written as the number not the letter F. Did some RESEARCH...