Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Street Art About Street Art(ists)

An interesting piece here. It features four heads, and the name of an Los Angeles based street artist is under each shot. Click the jump for more

Each of these faces is labeled with Free Humanity, Lord Jim, Smear and Bankrupt Slut.

Not sure what this is about. Its good company to be around. Each of these artists is accomplished in LA, but all have very different in mediums and styles.

We have seen one of these faces before downtown with 'Lou Reed' written under it. Also, these faces seem familiar, but we can't place where we have seen them.

Poster by unknown artist.


  1. lol I LOVE THIS

  2. cool... look up ray johnson.. How to draw a bunny.


  3. Cute. The pointy ears remind me a little of Binky, an early comic book character of Matt Groening's.