Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Banksy Hunter Makes A Find!

Keith Toll, who earned the title of Banksy Hunter during Banksy's last trip to LA, hunted down some hand made stickers during our trek down Melrose.

Keith did some mighty fine hunting when he came up on these stickers from Serf TCF in the parking lot of De La Barracuda.

The stickers are hand stenciled and unpeeled.

Cool thing of Serf to leave these, and nice find, Keith!

Standing in front of a stencil by THEFL.


  1. Thanx THEFL! Love ur stencil style. - SerF

  2. Thanks Serf ! We should find a way to link up.

  3. BTW Serf - this is what'sup...damn this piece you guys laid down is ill: