Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chopped Out Street Art - FOUND!

During the hype of Banksy's visit to LA, the unprecedented move was made at the Joyrich building on Melrose to cut six separate pieces of street art out of the wall.

Ever since we documented these pieces being cut out of the wall , we have wondered what had become of them. Well, the pieces just got discovered. Click the jump for more

Ever since they got chopped we wondered what had happened to them? Were they on display? Trying to be sold? In a collection? Nope. It turns out the pieces are sitting in a garage located next to the Trader Joe's on La Brea.

This is not all the pieces. The only ones shown here are the Free Humanity balloon girl stencil and the Desire Obtain Cherish Oscar paste.

We are still not sure about the story behind them. Did the people think they were Banksy pieces? Are they collectors, or just trying to make money? And we were always puzzled why they cut the wall out in the first place to get the art since 4 out of the 6 were wheatpastes, which could simply and easily be removed with a little water.

We have a feeling that the journey for these pieces of street art is not over yet. Look forward to seeing how this develops.


  1. I think everyone is reading way too much into this. It's pretty simple, the owner of the building was doing some remodeling and decided to keep the pieces rather then destroy them just incase they were worth something.

    Obviously he found that they are worth nothing and now they sit in his garage waiting for the day to be thrown in the trash.

  2. the free humanity piece is probably worth a lot...

  3. put them on ebay and we will find out!

  4. why would the free humanity piece be worth a lot?