Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wake N' Bake - Smoking Weed On Melrose

Is it legal to smoke weed in public?

The guy in red was straight smoking weed out of a pipe on Melrose.


We are not even sure if this is legal or not? If someone has a valid prescription for medical marijuana, is it okay to smoke in areas where cigarettes are permitted?


  1. No, but in West Hollywood it was passed as low priority. At a few bars in that area they will let you smoke out on the patio but I dunno about the walking around while tokin part. I just dont care and do it anyway if there's not a cop around, haha.

  2. In Canada its commonplace but not legal. If you fuck around and piss off the cops they will cite you for it but otherwise you can walk thru downtown or major streets etc (in Edmonton). smoking a joint and you might get a few funny looks but its all good most of the time