Friday, March 25, 2011

Smear - Tired of Being Sexy

In light of Smear's recent legal troubles, here are some exclusive shots to show some of his gallery art.

When we visited a friend yesterday, he was wearing this 'Smear - I'm Tired of Being Sexy' shirt. And this friend also owns a dope Smear (or Christian Gheorghiu) original painting.

Hope Smear can come out on top from these legal hassles, and his art be more sought after than ever.


  1. Smear fans are definitely choice cuts! Im glad to be amongst one of his fans. I have a piece too. His art is so original, totally sets him apart from all the rest of the stuff going around.

    This piece is rad check out his Flickr page or website to see how colorful and out there his paintings are.

  2. Original (Side eye)

  3. i stole a smear slap tag yesterday ;)