Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hunting LA Street Art With 'THE BANKSY HUNTER'

We hit the streets today with the Banksy Hunter. Click the jump for more

Keith Toll distinguished himself as the the man around town during Banksy's latest visit through town.

Keith earned his title as the Banksy Hunter when he personally tracked down 2 of the Banksy pieces and logged over 500 miles searching all over Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, Keith is planning on moving up to Seattle for a job opportunity, but before he left, he joined us to hit the streets for a local version of some street art hunting.

Here is Keith pictured standing next to a new Armo piece in front of the JR mural on Melrose.


  1. Oh no! What will we do without Keith if Banksy comes back to LA! :( Perhaps he will check in from Seattle and send pix of some good stuff.

    On another note, Andy and I were strolling around the happenin' territory in Sherman Oaks and came across a similar Armo piece on a electrical box in front of the FatBurger on Beverly Glenn and Ventura!

    Good luck in Seattle Keith...

  2. Seattle's a great town. Not a whole lot of street art, though. (Check out Capitol Hill.) There is a lot of public art there however, which is cool. Good luck!

  3. Ha Keith! Met him at banksy's caution crossing night before it got defaced. Great guy! Good luck up in seatle!