Thursday, March 31, 2011

Street Art Culture Art Show

Bring some socks.

The Street Art Culture Art Show is an art show that opens this weekend.

Despite the working title, the show does not necessarily delve deep into street art culture, or really at all. The most 'street' thing about this show is that Free Humanity is going to be doing a live painting, which would be cool to see.

The show costs $10 to get in, but you can cut that cost in half by bringing a pair of socks to donate to charity.

More details on the flyer.


  1. paying to get into an art show seems weird to me...


  3. "Culture's" an anthropological concept meaning creative representation of a particular, global human experience through symbols. This show just seems to be trying to exhibit a few more socially relevant artists' symbols, not quintessentially define all "street art." What could? Love the artists. I'm going.
    Also, if I were a homeless teen getting support from "Stand Up For Kids," I'd love somebody charging admission to benefit me, too...and I could probably use the socks.

  4. What type of culture is street art?????

  5. Yeah paying 2 see something you can see on the street kinda sucks.

  6. Thanks for answering my question.