Monday, March 28, 2011

Daily Barracuda Update - After The (kind of) Buff pt. 1/2

As our alert readers pointed out yesterday, even as we were posting the new art from earlier that same morning, the massive street art wall at De La Barracuda got buffed--kind of.

And even in spite of the buff, a grip of new art sprung up last night. Click the jump for more

Very cool how our readers help keep us informed on up-to-the-minute breaking street art updates. How many sites can promise that?!

The entire wall of art got painted over with a think tan paint. But the thing is, the paint is so thin that you can basically still see all of the pieces, only they all have the same brownish tint now.

And even though the wall got buffed, a bunch more stuff went up. View the pics below to see more of what's happening.

^After the buff, new stuff from Sturad, D Young V, and Cibass

^Photo paste from Cibass

^New pieces from D Young V.

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  1. hey. someone had been painting over all the pasteups in hollywood. happened to the wall on the corner of la brea and 2nd. also, saw a morely on a charity clothes drop that had been painted over red..weird....