Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dis Is It?

A big LA hand from Dissizit went up on what was once the JR wall on Melrose. Love the piece, don't love the placement.

We know that Slick runs Dissizit, and we are assuming, he puts up the street stuff (along with his home boy Enik).

We know that Slick has been around for longer than most in the graffiti game, and has done some really impressive things. And on a personal note, we really dig Slick's aesthetic almost no matter what he does. The dude's got a great eye for what looks fresh, and even when his style changes, his shit always pops. Truly, Dissizit puts out some dope stuff, and it is one of the few street corporate campaigns that we enjoy seeing out there, and feel it really contributes to the scene and adds to the flavor of the streets.

We are a bit surprised that Slick would have clipped (or capped-can't really tell) a writer to put the piece up, and so many other artist's stickers and tags with monstrous stickers. After seeing this, and the recent Madonna/Dissizit art wall takeover downtown, it makes us wonder if this is contributing to the scene? or just straight advertising?

And we dig Slick's LA hands. It is an awesome fuckin image (and we even tried to score one of the 'Goldfinger' LA Hands vinyl toys but struck out!). It represents LA well, and we love seeing it, but we just don't think that the JR mural is the place for it.

Still, that said, since the JR mural seemed to get opened up anyway with the David Flores work and throwies at the bottom, maybe this is fair game. And it is cool to see the stamp of 'LA' on a JR (we love the photos!).

What do people think about this? Is it advertising? Does it add to the piece? Is the JR wall free game now?

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