Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Flower Gun Mural from Cyrcle

Cyrcle goes big with this amazing hand painted mural. Click the jump for more

Cyrcle has been working on this piece for the past couple days, and the results appear to be well worth it as this is a very impressive mural.

It features a big gun, but the entire image is composed of beautiful hand painted flowers.

And the piece is also clever. The piece is continued on the wood pillar in front of the piece, so that when you take a picture, the gun is continuous without the view being obstructed. And the move also adds another element. Painting off the wall itself causes the people view the piece differently, thereby making them think about things in a new way, and we think its brilliant~

Cool stuff.

This mural can be found at the corner of Santa Monica and Madison.

***Big thanks to the 2Bad/Refresh Gallery for sending in the pics!***


  1. This is so sick. All stencil and hand painted. Amazing in person. Scope more photo's on my flickr