Thursday, October 27, 2011

Artist Spotlight - Snyder 'A Prophet, A Visionary'

While Snyder was recently working on a new Halloween themed mural on Melrose with AMK earlier this week, this Orthodox Jewish man approached Snyder at the wall. The Jewish man's English was not very good, and at first we thought that he was trying to proselytize to us. Perhaps the guy could tell that weren't sure what to think because he regrouped and started saying 'You probably think I'm crazy but I know what I am talking about. I have been to art museums in France, in Europe, and the Hauge, I know good art!' Then we listened more carefully and the guy, through broken English, the Jewish man said some really profound things along the lines that Snyder and the artists working on this wall were like prophets, they were visionaries. He also liked the previous piece from Free Humanity. He said that this front side of the wall, the mural side, was like the light. And the back side of the building, which was filled with a somewhat messy free for all with graffiti and street art overlapping each other, he called the dark side. It was really an interesting moment, and the guy seemed like some sort of messenger sent to share a deep secret.

What can we say? The guy nailed it right on. Snyder definitely is some sort of 'art prophet'. And he is a visionary. We believe that Snyder is going to be one of the loudest voices from this genre and his community based approach to street art and people's involvement could really influence the world in a major way.

Stay up~


  1. these artist spotlights are really amazing and more need to go down

  2. SNYDER is amazing and everywhere. i dont even think he lives around here. Where is he from?

  3. SNYDER is from another planet, man! he's outta this world! Rad art!

  4. its the air down there in Carlsbad, CA. makes him superhuman.