Monday, October 31, 2011

Facebook Fucks You and Your Privacy--Update!

It is not a good idea for any graffiti artist or street artist to be blasting personal information or pics on Facebook. People, including artists, have got into some strange comfort zone where they seem to act as if Facebook is a safe haven to talk about whatever you want. It is not. And everything you ever put down on Facebook will be saved forever.

Great sticker showing Facebook sticking it to the 'User'--and the user hitting 'Like' from 2wenty. Dig how the FB is wearing nice business shoes, and the user is wearing sneakers.

Just to set this straight, you are an idiot if you post shit on Facebook, and an asshole and a snitch if you call someone else out on Facebook.

If you are one of the 'street artists' who spends more time inside on Facebook than on the streets, maybe you should just stay inside~

Facebook fucks your privacy, just like this sticker says. Don't be fucked. Even on Facebook, we do read what happens, and we have a long memory~

Up with Skyler Grey on Melrose.

***UPDATE: We should have chosen the words more carefully. We fully realize that some artists use Facebook, enjoy doing so, and find that it really helps spread the message. This post was aimed at some ridiculousness we have seen recently on Facebook where artists and art fans are freely outing personal information from other artists, and discussing it as if it were no big deal. The post was aimed at that. Snitching is always bullshit. It doesn't say anything about the one snitched on, but reveals everything about the one snitching. There is no place for snitching in the street art community. Fuck the haters and the snitches. To the productive users of Facebook--enjoy.***


  1. Yes, fb kills your privacy and what you said is true....BUT, it's a great way to see what others around the globe are up2 while letting them see you at the same time.

    And if you do get that "knock" on the door one early morning buy men with guns and handcuffs, you just might be doing something right after all.

    It's just art!!!!!

    you can find us on fb (as with most) and I'm not ashamed

  2. so basically youre saying any artist that has a facebook page is an "idiot" i disagree I take advantage of fb and use it to my benefit to stay connected and meet new ppl. works for me