Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The 'Blue Bandit' Strikes Again

The back and forth continues, and a day after Colur came back with a new round of anti-Mr. Brainwash posters, they got blued out again on Melrose.

Not sure who is doing this? The blue is not signed, it has not disturbed the other street art around the area but just aims for these particular pieces. And from the way the brush strokes are randomly messy and not more uniform, it does not seem like it is even from an artist in the community. Perhaps just a MBW supporter?

We are naming this person the 'Blue Bandit'. We assume that since the blue seems to come in response to the posts on this blog that the Blue Bandit is checking the info here. To Blue Bandit: care to reveal any more info about the story behind the blue?


  1. Keep bringin it Colur- The Blue Bandit has alot more ink left and hes dying to use it. LOL!! Toy killers!!!

  2. Colurs stuff is great...i get the blue paint but they are really covering up some cool shit!