Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Colur Comes Back

Some crummy pics from the car, but Colur came back and hit some more spots with his Mr. Brainwash/Red Hot Chili Peppers piece. You can check out the original post HERE.

Today Colur returned to the same spots on Melrose and Fairfax and across the street from Fairfax high, both of the places where the pieces had been capped and crossed out a few days ago, the same day they went up.

These photos were snapped this morning. Will keep an eye on the status of the pieces to see how long these ones last.


  1. keep that shit coming!...let it be known that MBW sucks..

  2. He plays the game better than you-AND hes loaded with cash and youre NOT! LOL! Jealousy will get you nowhere. If you read this blog, which you do, you should know that the ONLY reason this blog worked was because of "exit through the gift shop" of which MBW was the focus, as per Banksy. This blog gained its status by revealing the locations of the Banksy pieces in LA during "Exits" premiere and Oscar time.
    M&F had the exclusive.
    So how does it feel to be a HUGE hypocrite who talks out of there envious ass, So obvious that Colur was the Anonymous commenter above-DUH..Might start dissing Colur again-although he doesnt get up enough to make it worth my while-hes sporadic at best and only gets up on Melrose(toy style).And the posters are poorly produced-seriously.
    Colur seems to like drawing penises as well so...
    you do the math..

  3. Wow...Why all the warring going on.??

    Look, I am not taking sides with Colur or MBW but why is everybody hating on this guy for getting his message up in the streets. Im no street art expert but didnt all this begin because people wanted to be heard? without censorship? I wont get into the last post, but bragging that MBW is "loaded with cash" is a slap to every street artist's face. most of us are broke and are still trying to do our thing. If you are in this for the money I think you are barking up the wrong tree. Most of us will not see commercial success and most of us will not be around in a few years.Many artists that were around years ago are not around today. Coming down on a guy for speaking his mind may deter other future street artists from getting into the game and that is a shame. Let MBW fight his own fight, if there is a fight. I say... COLUR keep doing what you want and MBW keep making money. For the rest of you sh*t talking onlookers I say, shut up and get up...

    P.S. this is not COLUR as you all thought.


  4. my bad k74....


  5. Well f***in said K74. anonymous will be one of those gone soon since it's very apparent he is in it for the money and or fame. also anon, game? i didn't know voicing your opinion and showing art on the street was a game to be played. MBW, by the way, is no dude to be jealous of

  6. You ask "why all the warring?"
    Ask Colur why he started the war with MBW-
    Cuz thats what it is and if you think its just Colur expressing himself then his expression would be purely based on negative imagery designed to slam someone who didnt do anything to provoke it. And MBW has ALWAYS been loaded with cash-it wasnt cuz of street art- so youre response to that is completely inaccurate. If you live in Los Angeles then the "slap in the face" will be constant based on how many rich people live here. And you're weak cliche is soooo tired-"Get up or shut up"? please..youre so new its obvious. youre street jargon seems to have come from this blog and this blog alone. Thats toy. Proof of your new found interest. Nothing wrong with being new but you have zero place to talk that big behind the safety of a keyboard.
    And as far as me being "gone soon"-Been bombing since '84 and Im still here and still up so sorry Brooke- You probably werent born yet-
    youre ass kissing of youre girlfriend K74 should be kept in your bedroom. Or car if youre as broke as you say you are. Also this comment board is here for ANY comments not just yours K74-This shit is not always pretty art and flowers and niceness. No matter how much you toys try to change the scene into some love fest,
    its not gonna happen bitches. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hey K74-
    you said that it was not Colur who wrote that first comment about MBW sucking, it was you?
    Werent you featured on this blog AT MBWs Art Show Community Invite?
    Sounds like you ARE in it for the fame as well as what comes with it.
    Check yourself.

  8. "Coming down on a guy for speaking his mind?"

    Hey wait that sounds familiar-K74 should take her own advice.
    Every comment on this entire blog is someone 'speaking their mind'-
    oh I get it, only if it works for your side of things. Im clear now...