Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BP Oil Spill Barrels

Some interesting full scale painted oil barrels aimed at the BP oil spill have been showing up around Los Angeles.

We first spotted one on Melrose yesterday and snapped a pic from the car (pictured below). We drove back by last night at midnight and it was still there. But when we made it by this morning with a camera the barrel was gone. But then a few hours later we got sent pics from a similar barrel on Vine. Not sure if the same barrel got moved or if there are multiple pieces, but interesting stuff. And effective way of keeping attention on the oil spill. BP is saying it has been effectively cleaned, but most are skeptical of that. And apparently the sea life is still dead along the coast.

Believe this piece is from Hurm.


  1. The BP oil barrels is relevant social street art that raises awareness of current issues. Hurms work comes at an important time given that our shell of a president Obama has green lighted BP to restart their drilling in the gulf just one year after they wipe out the gulf ecosystem. We need more socially engaged street art and less signatory vapid commercial oriented hype.

    Paul Benavidez, Unequal Wealth Distribution Discussion Group