Thursday, October 27, 2011

Like an Angel from the Ashes

God damn. Absolutely LOVE this piece from Teacher. It features the skater from Teacher's 'Peace Through Skate' image, but sans the red hoop.

The placement is on the old burned out building on Sunset that Banksy hit with his Charlie Brown piece. Teacher is hitting the same spot where he had a piece buffed out earlier. The shape of Teacher's piece perfectly compliments the burn image that is on the building, and it looks like it is an angel rising from the embers.

We would think this is a bad ass image no matter who it was by, but the fact that the drawing features M&F's own Greg makes it even more kick ass.

Hell yeah. Thanks, Teacher. Stay up~

1 comment:

  1. I am usually not a fan of Teacher's placement. I think he has a lot to learn. Most of us do. Not hating. But this is GREAT! The placement is beautiful and the peace sign (smeared on from the paste??) is an amazing addition to the burn on the building. It looks like one huge piece. The art is complimentary to its surroundings and I really dig this.