Friday, October 28, 2011

Desire Obtain Cherish - House of Cards

This was the single most impressive installation at 'Art Show 2011'.

Desire Obtain Cherish built this installation for 'Art Show 2011' entitled 'House of Cards'. The suggestion is that the house of cards, just like Wall Street, is bound to tumble at some point.

The piece features cards that feature the 'Desire Obtain Cherish' name and a bull that says Destroy Wall St.

Impressive work, and in our opinion, the most impressive installation at 'Art Show 2011'.

Desire also brought some t shirts which he handed out to the fans, and the first shot is one of the t shirt recipients posing next to the installation. Very cool.

Dig it. Stay up~


  1. You mean *was* as in past tense? Show over? Desire handing out t-shirts to fans. WTF.

    Did I, along with a fair number of other artists, who contributed work as part of MBW's artshow2011 miss the opening?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


  2. show hasn't opened yet. no date announced yet that I can see. someone else may have more info about that.