Monday, October 31, 2011

Kaws - From Ad-Takeovers to Ads

Kaws made a name for himself with some well orchestrated advertisement takeovers at the beginning of his art career. He was known for breaking into phone booth ads, stealing the posters, adding his own touches, and then putting them back.

Since then, Kaws' art career has blossomed and flourished both with product as well as in galleries and auction houses. Recently, Kaws was commissioned by Hennessy liquor to put his art on the outside of the bottle. Which is cool. But these crummy stencils which just hit the street advertising for the Kaws/Hennessy collaboration just seem wrong. It is great that Kaws has achieved success, but if he is now spamming the streets like this, or if he endorses this, it is really lame.

Obviously Kaws did not do these stencils himself. They look bad and are poorly executed.

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