Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Mr. Brainwash - Where There Is Love There Is Life

Mr. Brainwash goes BIG (with a whole lotta love!)~

New Mr. Brainwash in Hollywood, as MBW goes BIG with this new mural on Highland.

This piece features Gandhi holding a sign that says 'Where There Is Love There Is Life' on the left side. In the middle is huge lettering saying 'Life Is Beautiful'. And on the right is MBW's Einstein holding a sign that says 'Love is the Answer', along with MBW's cute puppy sitting next to him.

There is also a flower that looks like it might have been painted by Random Act on the wall. It is interesting because it matches the monotone theme of the Brainwash piece, which is unusual for a flower, so not sure if this is a collaboration wall?

Whole lotta love in this mural, and we love the look of the dog posing in the first picture.

Stay up.~

***Big thanks to G for sending in the pics. G says that the mural is so huge that it is difficult to capture with a picture. Thanks!***


  1. sweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!

  2. If that's the old Point 360 building on Highland the flower has been there for awhile.

  3. MBW should be ashamed of himself. Hack. But the joke's on use cuz he's in it too.

    y'all are eyeless sheeps who choose trend over quality.

    MBW makes me sick.

  4. pretty dope...hope to pass by and see it soon

  5. i pass by that building every morning then suddenly, still sleepy, i saw this joke, up there on that wall, and it did not fail to ruin my day...MBW IS A COMPLETE JOKE

  6. I wonder if Brainsmash appreciates his own doucheness ?

  7. I wonder if you can see any beauty at all. Look past the artist. I personally like the message. Why is there so much hate on this board? He is writing all positive messages for you to enjoy. Your anger will eat you up in the end. Read a book called Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, Ph.D. it is on if you don't want to ready it.