Monday, October 24, 2011

Mr. Brainwash Is Still Hitting the Streets!

It looks like Mr. Brainwash is still finding beauty in the little things and hitting the streets.

This mattress was discovered this morning just off Melrose. Although it is not signed, the mattress boasts MBW's signature phrase 'Life is Beautiful', and the way the 2011 is perpendicular to the piece is how Brainwash generally signs his name.

***Thanks to Ray from Shaped Like a Gun for sending in the pic***


  1. i watched my buddy jeremy tag this last night in front of his apartment. it was a joke.

  2. Jeremy is a vandal, please be responsible and report him for his heinous crimes. He must be punished with heavy fines, jail time, and a few years of probation. Also, if any more of his work appears on 'the streets' he may be consequently fined and charged again.

    This is no joking matter Jeremy. Even your 'tags' of positive influence can attract drug dealers and gang related violence. Because dope fiends and gang bangers are attracted to the smell of spray paint. It is like a pheromone released to the winds.

    Vigilante Justice cannot even stop this. Your fate is your own.


  3. ! Not sure if you know. Just seen a giant LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL joint recently posted up on Highland near Fount. RS70