Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hooked Up - The Complete Package

M&F is totally 'faded'~

M&F also got hooked up with a sampler pack from the 'Complete Package' scavenger hunt hosted earlier today. (You can check out the Scavenger Hunt HERE!)

The hook up includes a print from Burn One, a couple of dope D9 t shirts, Ninja Sox and a CD from DJ Steady P featuring custom Burn One imagery on the disc.

We chose a Lil Wayne print from Burn One and it looks sick. Really love the way he crafts portraits with words. He came in at the top of the game with artwork like this.

As for the shirts, we absolutely love the D9 focus. All weed smokers should. This brand is focused around weed, and the shirts come with all the little extras that every toker needs, and that make the shirts seem even more dope. Things like plastic packaging for the shirts, stink proof bags and blunt cutters. The imagery on the shirts is sick and we got hooked up with a couple dope t's. One says the word 'Faded' and the other has Mickey Mouse-like hands rolling a joint. Plan to rock these on stage soon.

Love the Ninja Sox and can't wait to rock them with some Nike SB lows.

Thanks for the hook up Burn One, D9, Ninja Sox and DJ Steady P~

This is all super clean, super dope stuff. We heard that 2 of the scavenger hunt prizes were already claimed today (Santa Monica and Waring), but no word if the other 2 might still be out there. So get your hunt on!


  1. I liked it more when Evan Roth did it in 2003.